Hello, we hope that you are all well and are not going crazy with all the stress of the times. We know that some of you are missing your school friends and we want you to know that we are missing you. We are now ready to start online classes.
Here is what you need:
1. A computer (of course)
2. An email address (sorry cannot be your mobile mail address). Best would be a gmail address.
3. A webcam, optional. If you do not have a webcam we will not be able to see you but you will be able to see us.
4. Headphones with microphone. If your computer or your headphones do not have a microphone we will not be able to hear you.
5. Some free time. We will set up classes one on one or group and go from there.
So send me your email address to [email protected] and your telephone number, in case of technical problems. I will send you an invitation link. Once you have clicked the link and accepted the invitation you will enter the class.
Its not difficult so I hope to see you soon.